K&P Legal was established in 1990 and has been providing a highly respected and reliable service in the field of law for over 30 years.

Lawyers and support, each of whom is experienced in their fields  works with a large team of personnel,  Izmir, Istanbul  and  with their lawyers in their offices in Athens  serves its clients.

The main fields of study are in the field of Private Law, especially Commercial Law, Company Law, Foreign capital movements, company acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, Labor Law and company consultancy, as well as Industrial Relations, Trade Union Disputes, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Banking and Enforcement and Execution. Bankruptcy Law is also their main field of study.

Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Banking and Insurance Law, Individual and Collective Labor Law, Unfair Competition, Trademark and Patent Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Condominium Law, Individuals and Family Law. Other legal issues such as Commercial Agreements, Company transactions and International Commercial Agreements are also within our scope.

Within K&P Legal, specific working conditions have been created for each employee, thus, it is aimed to meet the legal needs of our clients and companies from a single source, without the need for other searches, in a fast, reliable and flawless manner. In this way, a continuous and uninterrupted service is provided in the consultancy and advocacy services, as well as a special enforcement follow-up department within the office in order to carry out fast and reliable enforcement proceedings in line with the needs of the client companies and to reach the result as soon as possible as desired by the clients.

Our Law Firm  lawyers and members  through the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, İzmir Bar Association, İstanbul Bar Association,  Ankara Bar Association, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, German Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  He is a member of many international professional organizations such as Turkish American Businessmen Association, Aegean Kobider Association, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Industrial Relations Committee and International Bar Association. Our Law Firm is also listed in the advisory American Embassy Private Lawyers List, British Consulate Law Firms list and German Consulate Lawyers list.

K&P Legal has also carried out invaluable legal studies on foreign direct investments made by foreign capital companies in Turkey, mergers, mergers and acquisitions, share purchases and other foreign capital movements, and has contributed to the growth of many domestic companies and serious investments in our country. He was proud to win. In order to facilitate this service, we also have solution partner law offices in many countries of the world with which we cooperate when necessary.

K&P Legal also works in the field of International Law, both Turkish entrepreneurs and Turkish companies represent them in the international arena, support them to invest and trade in foreign countries, and also To many companies with foreign capital, among which there are giant companies in the world, and many leading institutions of our country, Chambers of Industry, Organized Industrial Zones,  To Commodity Exchanges and international organizations for many years, has provided legal consultancy and advocacy services, and continues to do so.

Our Approach and Our Promise


As K&P Legal team, it is our basic philosophy to meet all kinds of legal needs of client individuals and companies at the maximum level and to contribute to the development of your company economically and commercially.

With all these efforts, it is aimed to establish a secure legal infrastructure in your company, which is connected with a solid corporate culture, to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the company’s interests to the maximum extent in case of conflicts.

At this point, our approach is to help protect your company’s reputation, to contribute to the growth of your company at the highest level by creating a legal protection umbrella.

As K&P Legal team, we promise this, we know very well that you need to have absolute trust in your lawyers and legal advisors, and we work for this.


K&P Legal, as a law firm that is always open to new ideas, constantly follows change, and uses technology to the fullest, has adopted the principle of delivering the fastest and most accurate information to its clients in the most reliable way.

In this respect, most importantly, it has adopted the principle of defending the rights of individuals and companies that are its clients to the end and protecting their secrets, while ensuring transparency in all aspects towards its clients.